Never Forgotten

A multi-state memorial honoring the memories of murdered children of the 8 Missouri border states.
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If you have any corrections to the data on this site (names, places, dates) or know about any other murdered children who should not be forgotten from the states of IL, KS, OK, KY, IA, NE, AR or TN then please contact me.


Illinois Children      
Name Age (yrs) City/State Date Taken
(SAEPT)Kayla Lansing 6 Springvalley, IL 09-28-1991
Tonya Nhreeson Jerry 3 IL 1992
Bolden (infant) (accidentally dropped) IL 02-1996
Joel Kirkpatrick 10 Lawrenceville, IL 10-13-1997
Samantha Runnion 5 Orange County, IL 07-15-2002
Christopher Hamm 6 IL 09-02-2003
Austin Brown 3 IL 09-02-2003
Kyleigh Hamm 23 mos IL 09-02-2003
Laura Hobbs 8 Zion, IL 05-08-2005
Krystal Tobias 9 Zion, IL 05-08-2005
Ryan Smith 4 (Child Abuse) Alton, IL 12-25-2005
Lauren Annika Lofquist
Erica sorry to hear about what happened to the flower garden you planted.
8 Clarendon Hills, IL 03-26-2006
Jacob McGinnis 4 mos (Child Neglect) IL 04-11-2001
Katie MaCarron 6 Morton, IL 05-13-2006
Katie Griffieth's Unborn Child 6 mos pregnant Hallsville, IL 07-11-2006
Kendall Griffieth 8 Hallsville, IL 07-11-2006
Iowa Children      
Name Age City/State Date Taken
Claudia Saldana 12 Sioux City, IA 12-12-2006
Zach Saldana 11 Sioux City, IA 12-12-2006
Larry Saldana 9 Sioux City, IA 12-12-2006
Lisa Saldana 7 Sioux City, IA 12-12-2006
Michael Aguilar 6 Sioux City, IA 08-2001
Jetseta Gage 1 Sioux City, IA 03-24-2005
Johnny Goasch  ? West DeMoines, IA 09-05-1982
Sheena Bentler 17 Bonaparte, IA 10-14-2006
Shelby Bentler 15 Bonaparte, IA 10-14-2006
Shayne Bentler 14 Bonaparte, IA 10-14-2006
Caden Leingang 7 months Sioux Falls, IA Home Friday Nite April?
Kansas Children      
Name Age City/State Date Taken
Alliyah Myrick 18 mos The family gathered at Inwood Park in Mt. Auburn, KS for a brief memorial Sunday afternoon  
Brian Edgar 9 mos (Child Abuse) Kansas City, KS ?
Oklahoma Children      
Name Age City/State Date Taken
Jamie Rose Bolin 10 Percel, OK 04-16-2006
Kelsey Smith-Briggs ? (Child Abuse) Chandler, OK 10-11-2006
Arkansas Children      
Name Age City/State Date Taken
Sarah Blinkard 2 AR 1989
Patricia Miles 7 Gilemore, AR 08-15-2004
Kentucky Children      
Name Age City/State Date Taken
Cody Sharon 6 Warsaw, KY ?
Chelbi Sharon 7 Warsaw, KY ?
Kaylynn Alicia Shelby Gladdie 18 mos Louisville, KY ?
Sidi (Somalia Refugee) 8 Louisville, KY ?
Fatuma (Somalia Refugee) 7 Louisville, KY ?
Khadija (Somalia Refugee) 4 Louisville, KY ?
Goshany (Somalia Refugee) 2 Louisville, KY ?
Biyad (Somalia Refugee) ? ? ?
Unknown Child 2 Skaggs Creek, KY 08-20-1989
Tennessee Children      
Name Age City/State Date Taken
Cary Ann Medlin 8 Greenfield, TN 1979
Marcia Trimble ? Nashville, TN 03-31-2004
Luis Osvaldo Cisneros 4 TN 02-23-2003
Nebraska Children      
Name Age City/State Date Taken
Danny Joe Eberle 13 Bellevue, NE 09-18-1983
Chrystal Ditmeyer (Missing)
Last seen selling GS Cookies
? NE 02-25-1975
Alexandria Springer 21 mos Omaha, NE ?
Kyle Juggins ? NE 02-12-2003

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